Trees That Add Colorful Curb Appeal in the Fall

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Trees to Add Colorful Curb Appeal in FallΒ  🍁 🌴 πŸ‚

Japanese Maple: 🍁
Color-Maroon / Orange
Slow growing, attracts chipmunks, songbirds, and squirrels.

Vine Maple: 🌼 πŸ‚
Color-Yellow / Orange / Red
Prune often to tame branches. Provides year round interest and curb appeal. Usually pest / disease free. Keep hydrated.

Viburnum Nudum: 🌺
Color-Maroon / purple
Versatile accent tree. Edible but acidic blue / purple berries.

Paper Birch: 🌼 🌾 🌻
Color-Bright Yellow
Keep moist and mulched. Dark red bark turns white on mature trees. In Spring, the trunk produced sap that can be used for beer, syrup, and vinegar.Β