Simple Ideas for people who HATE Yard Work

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Simple Improvement Ideas for people who HATE yard work

1.) Use Rocks for Interesting Landscape Features

Grass doesn’t grow on rocks. Use them to create walkways or decorative outcroppings. They also help with wet spots by keeping water running off.

2.) Add a Rain Garden if You've Got a Soggy Spot

Try a rain garden, which is kind of a mini-wetland that reduces storm-water runoff. Rain gardens are fairly easy to create. You can use gravel, sand, and native plants. The idea it slows rainwater so less goes into the sewer system, and more is used to nourish plant life.

3.) Switch to Tall Grass That Never Needs Mowing

Native grasses soak up lots of water and provide an organic privacy screen while trimming your mowing time. Not all grass is created equal. Tall grasses, like switchgrass, bluestem, muhly, and fountaingrass, all grow fast and require very little TLC. Nor do they ever get mowed. The most maintenance you’ll do with these is cut them back in late fall.

4.) Create Pathways to Reduce High-Maintenance Grass

Pavers (sometimes called “steppers”) are decorative stones used to create pathways that need little or no care. Traditional house styles like bungalows, colonials, and Victorians tend to go well with more natural pavers, like flagstone.